How to Get Sound on Reddit Videos

New users of Reddit get confused in using the Reddit platform. The platform is different from other social media platforms on this site. There are “bots” which help Reddit to be spam-free.

For the best user experience, Reddit disabled auto-play audio. In Facebook, when we scroll down in the video section, the video & audio were auto-played. But, in Reddit, only video play automatedly.

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If you want to listen to the sound while playing the video, then follow the steps below:

How to get sound on Reddit app in android

  1. Open a video in Reddit app on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on that video and make it enlarge.
  3. Now, in the bottom left, find the mute icon.
  4. Click that icon to unmute the video.
  5. Now the sound is enabled.

Note: To listen to NSFW GIFs sound, you need to open Reddit in a browser or use a third-party app.

Once you enabled the audio, settings will apply to all videos and live streams in the app. If you don’t want to auto-play sound in all videos, then you can disable that in the settings.

Reddit Quiet Audio Mode

Generally, when you enable the audio for one video, then the sound is enabled for all videos you play after that video. If you allow the quiet mode in the application, in that situation, you need to unmute every video you watch. This mode helps you when you are in a library or on travel.

To enable quiet mode in IOS, go to settings >> advance settings >> quiet audio mode.

To enable quiet mode in android mobiles, go to settings >> AutoPlay >> change always to never.

Get sound on Reddit app in iPhone (IOS Devices)

First, you need to follow the steps mentioned for android. After doing all those steps, you need to do some additional steps.

How to get sound in reddit

Disable the quiet mode by toggling the side button.

Iphone settings

If you are still facing the sound issue, then check the setting.

How to get sound in GIFs in Reddit

GIFs don’t have any sound. In Reddit, people share the gifs from Gfycat. In Gfycat, the website looped the videos, so we think that is GIF.

If you want to view/Download those GIFs, then click on the source link. Then you will redirect to the Gfycat website, where you can view the gifs with sound.

Get GIF sound in android.

Nowadays, most people are using the Reddit android app. Sometimes you may not be able to find the GIF source. Use the reverse image search tools to find the image source.

Get GIF sound on iPhone.

iPhone users could use the applications like Apollo by Reddit, which provides some better features. If the app didn’t help, then use the reverse image method.

Reddit app audio fix

Some users report that “Reddit has bugs.” Audio error is one of the most facing bugs in the past year. Follow the below steps to fix your audio difficulty.

 For android mobile

  • Update the app to the latest version.
  • Clear application cache.
  • Check your mobile speaker.

Still problem not solved? Copy and paste the post link in the chrome browser.

For iPhone mobile

  • Clear the application cache.
  • Re-install the application.

Use Apollo for Reddit application if the above two methods do not work.

Solved – “This video doesn’t have sound.”

A lot of us get this error when we are surfing Reddit. It happens because the video source click on the video source link then the video starts playing sound. The error is primarily visible on videos from low popularity websites.

This error also visible when we try to play Gfycat gifs on Reddit. Click on that Reddit post there you will find the Gfycat website link. Click on the video link you will redirect to the source website.

Quick Steps

Follow the steps to get sound on reddit videos

Open the video in the reddit app

The step is also applicable in browser version.

Click on the volume icon

The Icon is located on the bottom right side.

In iPhone You need to disable the silent mode to get the sound

How to get sound in reddit

Toggle the quiet mode button which is located on the top right on your iPhone.